by Mikko Lagerstedt

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Cosmic Window by Shainblum

John Brophy

John Brophy is an American artist living in the Seattle area and has been showing his work at Roq La Rue Gallery for the past few years. His work has also been featured in shows at Copro Gallery in Los Angeles and Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome as well as in several publications.

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Magical Square and Evocation for the Holocrypticon

Andrew D. Chumbley

This image shows an array of magical techniques in juxtaposition. A magical square is shown as a talismanic ‘key’. In formal ritual usage such squares manifest as three-dimensional cubes, gridded with light, in which the presiding spirits move and speak. Here the projection of the square into the cube is shown, with the angles of the grid equated with the entire sorcerer’s alphabet of the Azoetic corpus. The cipher is directed via the arrow of will and, through the agency of deified sexualities, serves as the translative medium for the spirits of the square. 
It is of note to remark that, like the parameters of a magical square, the bordering lines of these pictures operate exactly like the perimeter of the formal ritual magical circle: to contain, to focus and to bind the spirits and the mage in a field of operative affinities.
This present picture is a talisman for an unpublished magical text by Alogos, called ‘The Holocrypticon’. At present this text exists as a whole in dream and partially in the form of single reified manuscripts. 

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vajrayogini (thangka)


djferreira224: Povlija, Brać, Croatia


Courthouse Towers, Arches National Park, Utah